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-Curious about the nervous system.

-Ready to learn what it means to "regulate."

-Wanting a quick look at options to get out of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and chaotic energy

-Looking to learn tools to get yourself back to calm + safe in your body as you grow + expand. 

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After downloading this Cheat Sheet, you will have a better understanding of how to calm down after stressful encounters with ease.

It's about returning to safety in your body.


When you implement the tools + techniques offered in this e-guide, you will be feel grounded, confident, + clear.


In time, you will feel more present in interactions.


Your increased confidence will have you standing taller =improved posture leading to better breathing, more oxygenated cells, increased energy + focus.


With practice, you will enjoy more sound sleep which leads to higher levels of productivity=more content creation, more impact, influence, clients, profit. 

There are SO many benefits to understanding yourself better, knowing about nervous system regulation + how to best manage stress, anxiety + overwhelm. A calm, peaceful, productive lifestyle is already yours, if that's what you desire. I can help you. I can show you how.

Hey Love, I'm Kara!


Intuitive Embodiment Coach who fuses soul, strategy + science to 

guide soul-led humans who desire to feel SAFE in their body while expressing themselves fully + as authentically as possible.

My soul assignment is to empower others in your own awakening, building resilience in your nervous system through regulation, stepping into your fullest expression of self, embodied + MAGNETIC!

I created this e-guide for you because I know what if feels like to walk with anxiety, chronic levels of stress, navigate fears, feel completely disconnected from my body + successfully move through it all to the ultimate sense of presence connection,  + deep peace no matter what. This includes getting through challenges in your love life, difficulties in entrepreneurship, as well as any other people/place or things that tend to steal your peace. I got you! I can't wait for you to download your copy of this (Nervous System) Regulation Cheat Sheet.