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Learn Regulation + Build Resilience

For soul led entrepreneurs, creatives, rebels, spiritual CEOs, and high-level leaders. This is an in-depth 5 part series to learn nervous system regulation to support your growth + manifestationsYou get IMMEDIATE access upon checkout. 

If you have a desire to improve the quality of your life, navigate stress with ease, learn how to come back to CALM + SAFE in your body efficiently then this program is for you!

Cultivate Deep Peace

This is a library of MANY pre-recorded audios featuring an inner child meditation, chakra clearing + balancing, cleansing white light meditation, the love frequency meditation, a grounding 33:33 forest NLP meditation, as well as various pranayamas for you to explore your inner world. When you break up patterns of breathing, you break up patterns of thought.

Improve Relationships

The 21 day self-paced course to take back your power and learn to become an energetic match to all your desire in love. You get IMMEDIATE access upon checkout. 

This program is for you if you are wanting to improve the relationship with your self and others.

Energetic, Strategy and Structure

This is the comprehensive two-part series to guide you in building the foundation of your soul-led, service-based business.⁣⁣


Part I: Energetics
Part II: Business Structure


This bundle covers all your most pressing questions about growing a successful business in the online space.

About trainings...

I just started listening to Kara's soulful giving, helpful teachings, and bounty of knowledge through Safe To Receive, and holy sh**!! This girl knows A LOT! With where I'm at in life, I'm ready for more! Do you know someone who needs a mentor, a role model, and example of a woman leading and helping women become the best versions of themselves in their life? Look no further than Kara!! Thank you Kara! 💞


About working together...

"Kara has a warmth and depth to her that made me feel safe, trusting and comfortable. This allowed me to dig deeper and explore uncomfortable topics I would typically avoid. She asked thought provoking questions, listened whole heartedly and gave me honest feedback. By the end of our time together, I had a much deeper level of understanding of where I’m at in my journey and where I want to go from here."


And more from another amazing past client...

“Deciding to follow my intuition and hire Kara is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've worked with Kara in several capacities - 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and many workshops. I always learn so much. I've grown spiritually and financially, I'm healthier, my relationships have improved, I'm more present and at peace, I enjoy my own company and taking care of myself. I've improved my life and in turn, the lives of those I love. She's a multifaceted guide who's passion, education, and experience are invaluable to her clients. She has a gift for listening and understanding like no one I've ever met. Her approach is consistently loving and genuine. I've never felt judged or like I needed to hold back. Once you get to know her, you can see the beautiful example she sets with how she lives her own life, sharing her struggles and successes. Kara has helped me find my way home to myself. Because of her I now know myself, trust myself, and love myself like never before. She has an honest desire to lift others. She is dedicated to her own soul's ascension and wholeheartedly wants to help other women evolve in the same way - on their terms, in their own time. You don't have to live a life without joy and purpose. With the right guide and a willingness to do "the work" (I know what that means now!) you can have a beautiful life. It's so worth it! I'm forever grateful to Kara and that I made the investment in myself.”