Real talk.

This is my favorite dynamic to coach.

I have this wild, intuitive clairsentient, uncanny ability to identify the wounding around certain triggers for couples in relationships.

So when you are in relationship with another + you feel extremely triggered/defensive/out of alignment, I am able to feel into what you’re feeling + identify the root of what you’re feeling. Being able to heal the real reason why you get so upset in this dynamic is guaranteed to improve your relationship.

I’m also able to feel into your attachment style, which is very revealing to me as far as our strategic practices to implement during our time. This is VITAL.

You want real, deep connection with your lover?
You want laughter, joy, + adventures?
You want to grow + live happily together in harmony?


This coaching isn’t for everybody, just like I’ve said I am not for everybody.

This coaching is only for individuals who truly want to become the best versions of themselves. For themselves + to improve the quality of their love life.

(This overflows into all relationships too btw, not just romantic.)

It can feel very confronting at times to be called out + asked to take responsibility for some of the issues within the relationship.

You must be ready, willing, + able to understand how you’ve been contributing to any challenges. Then be ambitious + focused enough to practice new skills so that you can create a new reality for yourself in terms of creating the loving relationship you dream of.


Inside this 2:1 coaching container, we don’t always focus on navigating the difficult times, we also pay attention to everything that IS working out! It’s intention setting + goal planning. It’s coming up with a strategy to execute, then celebrating the accomplishments of a job well done. It’s working together towards a common vision, knowing that the tools you’re acquiring during our time in sessions will serve you for the rest of your life.

You become a better person.
You learn to be calm in your body, no matter what.
You learn to identify your needs + be express them so they’re heard + received.

You become aware of your own boundaries + practice stating them then honoring them.

Your self-respect grows + in turn your respect for one another grows.

With that comes greater levels of trust. And of course increased depth + breadth of love + connection.

Overall satisfaction + fulfillment.

But see, this 2:1 coaching is not for everyone. Not everyone will put in the time + effort it takes to do the work to come out on the other side. Only the chosen few who want more.

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