Helping you stay calm in your body while creating a life you LOVE!



Here you will learn to live in your fullest expression while creating:


  • A Loving, Passionate Relationship.
  • A Meaningful, Pleasure-filled Life with Spaciousness and Joy.
  • A Thriving (Online) Business. 
  • A Deep Connection to Spirit and Source.


 I view life very differently than most and at times, that can be controversial.


This brand and my soul-led business is devoted to guiding you in becoming MORE of who you are. YOU ARE HERE TO LEAVE A LEGACY so let's GET ON THAT!


I believe firmly in the importance of rooting down in who you are as you RISE UP to your highest potential!


What matters most, as I have grown my brand through the years, is
  • EMBODIMENT (BE-ing in your feminine flow)
  • STRATEGY (DO-ing the masculine-esque, action based, structure)
  • CREATIVITY (unique to YOU and your gifts.)


This goes for your romatic relationships AND your online business.


I help you SUCCEED as you find balance through nervous system regulation, self mastery, and embodied leadership.


In my world, you are invited to take up space in the most authentic way, ACTIVATING your soul assignment. This deeper calling you have to feel more free while leaving a lasting LEGACY is meant to be honored.


You are tapping into your fullest expression, your embodied leadership, your most mind bending relationships and love yet. 







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Hey Love, I'm Kara!


Intuitive Embodiment Coach who fuses soul, strategy and science to 

guide soul-led humans to align with the love of your life or build your online business with ease and fulfillment. Or both!

My soul assignment is to empower you in your own awakening, building resilience in your nervous system through regulation, stepping into your fullest expression of self, embodied + MAGNETIC!

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Get access to the Regulation Cheat Sheet now!

You will get instant access via email so you can start practicing NOW! 

 The information, including but not limited to, text, images and other material contained in this pdf are for informational purposes only. No material in this guide is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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